The openness buzz in the knowledge economy: Towards taxonomy

Anna Lundgren

Category Open Data

GitHub use in public administration in Canada: Early experience with a new open collaboration tool

Justin Longo Tanya M. Kelley

Towards a Transparency Ontology in the Context of Open Government

Rui Pedro Lourenço Susana Jorge Helena Rolas

Objective Transparency

Open or Closed? Open Licensing of Real-Time Public Sector Transit Data

Teresa Scassa Alexandra Diebel

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Effect of Government Data Openness on a Knowledge-based Economy

Jae-Nam Lee Juyeon Ham Byounggu Choi

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Developing transparency through digital means? Examining institutional responses to civic technology in Latin America

Rebecca Rumbul

Category Civic Technology

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Towards a Sociology of Institutional Transparency: Openness, Deception, and the Problem of Public Trust

Sarah Moore

Make Data Sharing Routine to Prepare for Public Health Emergencies

Jean-Paul Chretien Caitlin M. Rivers Michael A. Johansson

Category Open Data
Methodology Conceptual Framework

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The effect of “sunshine” on policy deliberation: The case of the Federal Open Market Committee

John T. Woolley and Joseph Gardner

Objective Transparency

Open parliament policy applied to the Brazilian Chamber of Deputies

Cristiano Faria Malena Rehbein