The well-informed city: A decentralized, bottom-up model for a smart city service using information and self-organization

Eyal Feder-Levy Efrat Blumenfeld-Liebertal Juval Portugali

Objective Effectiveness Access

Towards Decision Support for Disclosing Data: Closed or Open Data?

Anneke Zuiderwijk Marijn Janssen

Category Open Data
Objective Legitimacy

The ethical impact of data science

Luciano Floridi Mariarosaria Taddeo

Category Data Analysis

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Too Much Democracy in All the Wrong Places: Toward a Grammar of Participation

Christopher M. Kelty

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Open Data for Social Change and Sustainable Development

Raed M Sharif François van Schalkwyk

Category Open Data

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Privacy Laws Around the World

Methodology Ethnography
Objective Privacy

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Towards a Sociology of Institutional Transparency: Openness, Deception, and the Problem of Public Trust

Sarah Moore

Simondon on Datafication. A Techno-Cultural Method

Mark Coté Jennifer Pybus

Objective Effectiveness

Playful Cities: Crowdsourcing Urban Happiness with Web Games

Daniele Quercia

Objective Effectiveness

Civic political engagement and social change in the new digital age

Karolina Koc-Michalska Darren G Lilleker Thierry Vedel

Objective Effectiveness

Ethics for Big Data and Analytics

Daniel E. O'Leary

Category Big Data
Objective Legitimacy