Prizes and Challenges

Discovering the Appropriate Role of Serious Games in the Design of Open Governance Platforms

Tanya M. Kelley Erik Johnston

Outcome-driven open innovation at NASA

Jennifer L. Gustetic Jason Crusan Steve Rader Sam Ortega

Methodology Case Studies
Objective Effectiveness

Crowdsourcing City Government: Using Tournaments to Improve Inspection Accuracy

Edward Glaeserrew Hillis Scott Duke Kominers Michael Luca

Objective Effectiveness

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Innovation Experiments: Researching Technical Advance, Knowledge Production and the Design of Supporting Institutions

Kevin J. Boudreau Karim Lakhani

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Simondon on Datafication. A Techno-Cultural Method

Mark Coté Jennifer Pybus

Objective Effectiveness

Open Innovation in the Public Sector: A Research Agenda

Atreyi Kankanhalli Anneke Zuiderwijk Giri Kumar Tayi

Objective Effectiveness